Mom Care Pro provides postpartum care for moms and their newborns. Our team of professional, licensed nurses, personal support workers, TCM doctors, and rehabilitation advisors tailor individual nutrition and care plans to your recovery needs

Our Services


Confinement Stay

Traditional postpartum confinement in our upscale suites with 24 hour nursing and support and tailored menu of healing Chinese postpartum meals.


Postpartum Care

Experience the healing benefits of traditional postpartum confinement in the comfort of your own home with visits from our professional nursing staff and at-home meal delivery.


Meal Delivery

Freshly prepared daily and never frozen, our nutritious and restorative traditional Chinese postpartum meals are delivered daily right to your home.

Postpartum Care for Mother and Newborn

Postpartum confinement care in many cultures is a traditional practice following childbirth, especially in Chinese culture. This period of care and bed rest begins immediately after giving birth and typically lasts for an entire month.

Known in China as “sitting the month (坐月子)” this period of bed rest, specialized care, and a diet informed by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) helps promote the welfare of both mother and child in this crucial first month of life. As the mother heals and restores herself, the baby adjusts to its new place in the world and begins nursing supported by a diet that promotes lactation. This is an important period of rest, recuperation, and bonding between mother and child.