Mom Care Pro has partnered with the Canadian Maternal and Infant Care Industry Association to launch a series of public classes and workshops, both online and offline.


Many new mothers are not familiar with infant care, leading to anxiety and postpartum confusion. Mom Care Pro aims to provide help and support during pregnancy while helping mothers learn scientific and professional caregiving methods.


Our public classes and workshops aim to share the skills and experience of our trained professional support staff developed working with a wide variety of mothers, babies, and their individual needs



Online public lectures featuring Ph.D. in Traditional Chinese Obstetrics and Gynecology

Embrace a Scientific Pregnancy and a Joyful Natural Delivery


Common questions often trouble expectant mothers, such as choosing the right diet during pregnancy, dealing with frequent morning sickness, handling a cold or fever during pregnancy, and many more.


Through our free online public lecture series “Pregnancy Knowledge Unveiled,” we regularly invite Dr. Ni, a Ph.D. in Traditional Chinese Obstetrics and Gynecology from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine and the Chief Lecturer of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the North American Golden Traditional Chinese Medicine Academy, to explain common pregnancy concerns online.


Dr. Li guides expectant mothers through common questions about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. During these sessions, mothers can also ask live questions with our instructor. We continuously collect pregnancy-related questions that interest mothers, hoping to provide answers and ease any concerns as they prepare to welcome the new member of the family.


Dr. Zhangjun Ni

TCM Consultant at Mom Care Pro.

Ph.D. in Traditional Chinese Obstetrics and Gynecology from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine

Core member of the Lingnan Luoshi Obstetrics & Gynecology North American working group

Fourth-generation inheritor of Lingnan Luoshi Obstetrics & Gynecology

Successively studied for Master’s and Ph.D. Degrees in Traditional Chinese Obstetrics & Gynecology under the guidance of Professor Zhang Yuzhen and Professor Luo Songping

Early apprenticeship with renowned Shanghai TCM Specialist Professor Wu Dunxu, direct disciple of the Song Family Obstetrics & Gynecology lineage

Student of Dr. Ding Jiwan, an eminent disciple of Menghe Medical School.

Chief Lecturer of Obstetrics & Gynecology at the Royal North American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Student mentor for the TCM program at Humber College in Toronto, affiliated with the Clinic of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Director, John TCM Complex Cases Clinic.

Executive Director for the Fourth Session of the Obstetrics & Gynecology Special Committee of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Society, Director for the Third Session, Overseas Director of the Reproductive Medicine Special Committee

Vice President and Secretary-General of the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine Canada Alumni Association and East Canada Alumni Association

Co-President of the Canadian Classical Chinese Medicine Association,

Editorial Board Member of Traditional Medicine Research Journal (TMR)

Editorial Board Member of the Canadian Edition of the World Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine (WJTCM)

Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture (JICMA)

Canadian Red Cross Infant/Adult CPR First Aid Training (In-Person)

Mom Care Pro conducts free, in-person public lectures featuring licensed CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) instructors from the Canadian Red Cross who specialize in infant CPR and first aid. These professional instructors possess extensive knowledge in medical nursing, and their teaching content is certified by Toronto’s first aid courses. They help mothers accurately understand and master infant and adult caregiving, ensuring that all mothers can learn the correct techniques.


The lecture covers topics such as emergency infant care, child and adult CPR, and more. Our goal is to educate more families about the importance of CPR, equip them with life-saving skills, and ensure they can use them correctly in emergency situations. Currently, free CPR public lectures are only conducted in person because we want to ensure that instructors can meticulously teach each student, guaranteeing that all mothers can learn and apply these critical skills.

Scan the QR code, add our customer service on WeChat to register (please specify ‘Online Lecture’ in the note).

Expert Knowledge Lecture (Dr. Ni Zhangjun) Open Online Q&A Small-group sessions, ample time for every mom to ask questions. No charge. Individualized communication, personalized answers. Online lectures, no physical contact (safe)

Helping mothers in need

Since 2017 our mission has been to help more mothers gain access to comprehensive and professional maternal and infant knowledge and skills while providing assistance and support during pregnancy.


Alongside our public classes and workshops, for mothers facing special difficulties and in need of assistance, we offer one week of free postpartum meals.  For more details on the application process, please contact our customer support line.