Postpartum Confinement Care for Mothers and Newborns

Welcome to a journey of rejuvenation and recovery, where tradition meets modern comfort. Our service is designed to provide you with the utmost care, nourishment, and support during this transformative period. Enjoy a holistic approach to healing and bonding that is tailored to your unique needs.

Your Stay

Our team provides round-the-clock, personal support and enriching educational experiences throughout your stay, ensuring you’ll always cherish this time you spend with your new member of the family.


      • Experience a resort-like stay in your private suite that includes all the amenities a new parent needs to make your stay comfortable.
      • Work with private & dedicated personal support staff who will provide care and housekeeping. Choose either 10-hour or 24-hour support
      • We prepare daily nutritious meals in our commercial kitchen, following traditional postpartum TCM principles, and deliver them to your suite
      • Registered Massage Therapists provide weekly full-body massages
      • Nurses, lactation consultants, rehabilitation instructors, and TCM Doctors are on staff to help you with your recovery
      • We help you establish a routine for your new baby to help them adjust to their new life with the family
      • We offer childcare classes and guidance through restorative physical exercises like yoga

A Typical Customer’s Experience During the Caring Period

New mom and baby will stay in the caring facility for the entire confinement period (usually 4-8 weeks).

The caring staff team will design customized care plans, provide 10 to 24-hour care services in suite, teach new mom with infant baby caring knowledge, skills, and techniques. During your stay, your baby’s health and weight will be closely followed.

Meals and inter-meal refreshments following TCM principles will be prepared and delivered to the suite at each serving time.

Immediate family members can come to visit the new moms and babies at any time or stay with them in the suite.

Rehabilitation advisors and massage therapists will come on a regular basis to instruct new moms with rehabilitation exercises, provide massage therapies, and provide further rehabilitation advice.