Customized and balanced postpartum meals based on the principle of Adjustment, Regulation, Nourishment, and Nurturing

New mothers are often in a weakened state right after giving birth, making restoration and nourishment particularly important. We tailor meals based on each mother’s individual conditions and stage of recovery, reviewing and adjusting as necessary. We also consider individual preferences and regional tastes to ensure a balanced and nutritionally sound diet.

Mom Care Pro’s postpartum meals draw on the history of Chinese cuisine and medicine. We select organic, natural, fresh, and premium ingredients which are meticulously prepared by professional chefs. All of our meals are cooked daily in our licenced and inspected commercial kitchen, held to the highest standards of cleanliness and nutrition.


Our team of experienced nutrition and nursing experts combines the essence of Taiwanese and Cantonese postpartum traditions to customize scientific postpartum meals for each mother. We offer personalized prenatal nutrition meals, post-pregnancy recovery meals, fitness meals, and tailored nutritional and healthy meal options for individuals with specific dietary needs. This diet not only helps newborns receive ample and healthy breast milk but also aids new mothers in rebuilding their foundation of health and restoring their figure.

  • Customized meal plans developed by our TCM doctors are tailored to your specific recovery needs. Adjusts are also made to suit your personal preferences.
  • Using the highest quality control of ingredients with all-natural flavour, using no MSG or chicken powder
  • Low oil, low salt, and low sugar recipes, primarily using tea oil and sesame oil
  • Meals promote early recovery and prevent postpartum illnesses
  • Diverse foods consumed by mothers pass their nutritional benefits through breast milk to nourish the baby, facilitating growth and development
  • Typical delivery plans run 4-8 weeks, but can as little as 2 weeks

Our postpartum meal plan works over four stages to provide mothers with the optimum throughout their recovery

Week 1

Metabolism, detoxification, invigorating the blood, and restoring homeostasis

In the first week after childbirth, mothers often experience low energy. Their digestive mechanism has not yet fully recovered, and the uterus contracts vigorously, leading to significant bleeding. During this phase, the dietary focus is on promoting the recovery of gastrointestinal function, replenishing strength and facilitating contractions.

Week 2

Strengthening the waist, fortiftying the kidneys, and contracting internal organs

In the second week after childbirth, as the uterus returns to its normal size, the emphasis shifts to the restoration of spleen and stomach function and the repositioning and contraction of internal organs. The spleen and stomach are the sources of blood and Qi, fundamental to postpartum well-being, and closely linked to nutrient absorption and internal organ contraction. Proper dietary adjustment and supplementation are essential to help new mothers absorb nutrients.

Week 3-4

Nourishing for lactation and replenishing Qi

After more than two weeks of adjustment, a new mother’s physiological functions gradually recover, and the baby’s demand for breast milk increases. If the postpartum adjustments are well managed, with increased Qi and blood circulation breast milk production will also increase.

Week 5-6

Restoring strength and replenishing vitality

In the fifth and subsequent weeks, mothers have generally regained their physical, gastrointestinal, and mental well-being. The most important aspect during this week is consolidating the achievements of the previous postpartum months. Further nourishment is aimed at improving the constitution and ensuring a sufficient milk supply.

Helping mothers in need

Since 2017 our mission has been to help more mothers gain access to comprehensive and professional maternal and infant knowledge and skills while providing assistance and support during pregnancy.


Alongside our public classes and workshops, for mothers facing special difficulties and in need of assistance, we offer one week of free postpartum meals.  For more details on the application process, please contact our customer support line.