Our Mission

is to provide care services with the highest standard of professionalism and premium quality of products and services to new moms, newborn babies, and their immediate family members, helping them navigate through the most exciting yet stressful period of their lives.

About Postpartum Care

Postpartum Care and Postpartum Confinement Care in many cultures, especially in Chinese culture, are the traditional practice following childbirth. Those who follow these customs typically start getting services immediately after giving the birth. The confinement lasts for a variable length, typically four weeks or 30 days in Chinese culture.

The custom is well documented in China, where it is known as “sitting the month,” which, as the term suggests, centres around bed rest. Postpartum confinement refers both to the mother and the baby. Human newborns are so underdeveloped. The weeks of rest while the mother heals also protect the infant as it adjusts to the world, and both learn the skills of breastfeeding. The protocol of caring for a new mom also relieves her from daily home routines, ensuring she rests and eats well and helping her with a quick recovery. This postnatal recuperation process includes traditional health benefits to both new moms and newborn babies.

Our Services

Ying Xiang provides premium new mom care services during the confinement month (“sittingthe-month” as in Chinese) to its clients. The services include, but not limited to:

Upscale suite to accommodate new moms, newborn babies, and their immediate family members.

A team of professional caring staffs operating at 10 to 24-hour shifts, providing personal care. and housekeeping services

Prepare daily nutritious meals at its commercial kitchen and liver to the suite.

Provide weekly full body massages to new moms by Registered Massage Therapists.

Teach and train new moms with baby caring skills and techniques.

Guide new moms with physical exercises including Yoga.

In addition, Ying Xiang also provides free prenatal lectures to general public, helping expectant parents to learn prenatal and postnatal knowledge in a systematic way

Through its free online virtual community service, expectant and novice parents can communicate and share baby caring experiences.

A Typical Customer’s Experience During the Caring Period

New mom and newborn baby will be taken to our caring facility directly from the hospital with the assistance of our care staff.

New mom and baby will stay in the caring facility for the entire confinement period (usually 4 weeks).

The caring staff team will design customized caring plans, provide 10 to 24-hour care services in suite, teach new mom with infant baby caring knowledge, skills, and techniques.

Meals and inter-meal refreshments will be prepared and delivered to the suite at each serving time.

Immediate family members can come to visit the new moms and babies at any time or stay with them in the suite.

Rehabilitation advisors and massage therapists will come on a regular basis to instruct new moms with rehabilitation exercises, provide massage therapies, and provide further rehabilitation advice.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact us at:

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